A black tech umbrella with a built-in memory that doesn't stick to water and folds up in five seconds

A black tech umbrella with a built-in memory that doesn't stick to water and folds up in five seconds.The rapid development of technology is not only reflected in the general direction of construction and transportation, but also in the small objects around us, such as umbrellas.The original design of umbrella was just to cover the rain. At that time, the umbrella had a large surface and a long handle, achieving a good rain protection effect, but it was not easy to carry and place.In order to solve the problem of placement, folding umbrellas appear.Its appearance, makes the broad umbrella surface can be folded up, saving the space placed, and convenient to carry.The direct ultraviolet ray, also makes the sun umbrella comes out, since then the umbrella has two kinds of USES, sunshade and rain shelter.But there's a new problem. If it's shading, that's fine.

But if it rains, the surface of the umbrella is completely wet, if you fold the umbrella, the umbrella surface is full of rain water, if not folded, the rain water will hit the wet board.Once the umbrella is opened, it will take at least several minutes to restore it to its original state when it is folded. For the hand cripple, this is really a matter without patience to continue doing, and there is no way to solve the problem of folding and dripping water?

There's a black tech umbrella with a built-in memory that comes with the concept, and it doesn't stick to water and folds up in five seconds at most.Its birth is remarkable. It is made by the design teams of four universities in four countries, including the United States, China, Britain and Japan.

Its core technology, Smart Patch, allows the umbrella to be folded in five seconds.When you fold, the technology automatically guides the canopy to its intended position, and the canopy is covered with patches of different thickness and toughness, allowing the canopy to keep closing in a certain direction.

Each patch seems to have a memory, and no matter how much you mess with it, it eventually returns to its original state, like opening a new umbrella every time you open it.Moreover, this umbrella is not a Velcro, nor does it use a secret buckle, it USES a magnetic buckle, lightly mounted, will be able to completely fold the umbrella.This is very good to solve the problem of hand mutilation party.

And its umbrella is designed with a renewable paint, Teflon EcoElite.The paint forms a hydrophobic layer that directs the rain water that accumulates on the umbrella surface to run off. Shake it twice before taking it into the house.The most powerful function is that its ultraviolet absorption rate is up to 90%, with a strong ability to prevent the sun, with this umbrella, whether it is rain or sun weather, it can perfectly hold.


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