Amazing high quality Travel Five-folding automatic umbrella

Amazing high quality Travel Five-folding automatic umbrella.The five-fold umbrella is shorter and lighter than the ordinary three-fold umbrella. A lightweight 300g five-fold umbrella, the weight of an iPhone6 ​​Plus, folded to a length of only 16CM, very convenient, can be said to be a must-have for travel.


To choose a quality five-fold umbrella, you can refer to the following characteristics:

  1. The inner layer of the five-fold umbrella is made of imported sunscreen coating, which blocks the ultraviolet rays of 99% direct umbrella surface.
  2. The aluminum alloy main umbrella frame structure has a unique inverted umbrella protection design, which can be restored even if the umbrella surface encounters a strong wind flipping simple push position;
  3. The middle rod is made of aluminum alloy + steel, which is light and compact, and the ingenious upper and lower fine bar design makes the whole umbrella more stable;
  4. In order to make it shorter after the collection, re-shape the internal structure of the five-fold umbrella handle, so that the umbrella beads can be accurately stored, and the internal space of the handle can be utilized efficiently. The surface of the handle is multi-layered and atomized to obtain a supple touch of the baby's skin, resulting in lasting comfort.
  5. The five-fold umbrella umbilical bone adopts the strength and hardness of the high-quality fiber bone reinforcement umbrella and has a longer service life.


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