Common types of advertising umbrella customization

Common types of advertising umbrella customization

Do you know the common types of advertising umbrella customization? As a modern and novel advertising carrier and advertising gift, advertising umbrella has great fluidity, bright color and good visual effect. Its pattern design is not limited, the structure can be arbitrarily selected, and it is beautiful and durable, high quality and good price. Become an important form of corporate advertising. Therefore, custom advertising umbrellas have become the only choice for corporate promotional gifts. The Guardian Advertising Customized Factory is designed to meet the needs of corporate customers for advertising umbrella gifts. It introduces you to different types of advertising umbrella gifts in detail, so that you can more easily choose the advertising umbrella that is most suitable for corporate promotion.
In general, advertising umbrella gifts are roughly divided into four types, namely:

1. Three-fold umbrella gift:
Features: This umbrella can be used in two styles, such as two folds, three folds, four folds, and five folds, depending on the user.


2. Straight umbrella gift:
Features: This umbrella is very convenient to open. There is only one small switch that can be opened with a single push.


3. Golf umbrella gifts:
Features: In all the umbrellas, it has always been a noble and elegant character, always in the position of the umbrella boss, strong and durable, sheltering from the sun.


4. Sun umbrella gift:
Features: large umbrella type, wide advertising area, natural advertising effect is the most eye-catching.



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