Custom Three-folding umbrella with custom logo print umbrellas

Custom Three-folding umbrella with custom logo print umbrellas.The reason why the three-fold umbrella is called a three-fold umbrella is because it has a three-fold discount. The three-fold umbrella is different from the straight umbrella, which is easy to fold in the backpack and is very convenient to carry. The tri-fold umbrella is also fully automatic, automatically opened, and semi-automatic when it is received, and the middle rod needs to be pressed back.


The craftsmanship of the three-fold umbrella needs to be very particular in order to make the umbrella look good, the durable sunshade and rain-proof tools, the good three-fold umbrella can refer to the following details:

  1. The automatic switch umbrella handle adopts frosted anti-slip, which is labor-saving and comfortable, and the hand grip is more comfortable;
  2. The three-fold umbrella umbrella and rib parts are specially treated, integrally formed, anti-shedding, multi-channel stitching process to prevent opening;
  3. High-strength and thickening spring can prolong the service life and continuously open and retract without failure to ensure safe use in wind and rain;
  4. Black gold steel and glass fiber tri-fold umbrella ribs, strong and durable;
  5. The middle rod adopts the upper and lower thin bar design to strengthen the wall thickness and improve the firmness.

For the custom-made advertising tri-fold umbrella, the logo of the company and the special pattern containing the corporate elements are generally printed to highlight the style. Gifts, employee benefits, points exchange umbrellas, etc. have very good marketing results.


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