Fashion business golf umbrella wholesale

Fashion business golf umbrella wholesale.Golf umbrellas are the first choice for mainstream business gift umbrellas, but their unchanging models are outdated. Shangyu is a fashion-optimized business umbrella specially designed for urban male mainstream people and young people. It abandons the traditional golf style. After understanding the aesthetics and preferences of the emerging male consumer class, it will handle the handle, umbrella strap, umbrella tail and overall. With the refactoring and new design, the golf umbrella is more refined, fashionable, straight and more "new business" atmosphere.

The new streamlined handle design of the stylish business umbrella is matched with the fresh and fashionable umbrella color, so that the black golf umbrella is no longer dull, and it always reflects the simple, exquisite and fashionable matching style of the new youth.

Fashion preferred business umbrella, new youth, more stylish!


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