Golf umbrella double layer with air vent double color auto open

Golf umbrella double layer with air vent double color auto open:Golf courses, high-level clubs, stadiums, or places where stars appear, you can see different styles of golf umbrellas. Because the golf umbrella is large and strong, it gives people a sense of security in the storm, and it is now more and more popular, and it can often be seen in the streets.

The main feature of the golf umbrella is that it can be said to be the biggest umbrella in the hand. It is also because it is big. It is the most popular in the wind and heavy rain, giving a large sunny day and can accommodate at the same time. 2-3 people, it is a safe and secure umbrella.

The size of the general golf umbrella is between 27 inches and 30 inches, and the materials used are more elaborate. The most important thing for an umbrella is the umbrella surface. The umbrella surface is made of high-strength high-strength 190T impact fabric with anti-tearing and scratching, and the water-repellent surface of the umbrella is strong, so as to prevent the rainy scene under the big umbrella. In addition, the rib is the core of the whole umbrella. The double-layered golf umbrella uses thickened super high-strength elastic glass fiber to increase the breaking strength and toughness and is lightweight. There are many cheap umbrellas on the market that use iron bones to make the umbrellas cumbersome. There is no tough iron, and it can't stand the wind and rain. It should have made your gentleman's elegant double-layered golf umbrella, and it is possible to compete in the rain at any time. , so that you are at a loss, so under normal circumstances, we do not recommend the use of custom-made iron golf umbrella handle EVA (commonly known as: sponge), this handle, feel good, the disadvantage is that after damp, if not dry in time, easy White mold. Moderately soft and hard, very comfortable to hold in the hand, in addition, we can also customize a variety of high-end handles, such as straight wooden handles, Rolls-Royce gold metal handles.


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