High quality custom digital full print large logo automatically open golf umbrella

High quality custom digital full print large logo automatically open golf umbrella.Digital printing technology is a non-printing technology. No matter what pattern you use, you don't need to make plates, saving plate making costs! The printing effect is vivid and delicate, and there are no special requirements for the printed graphics. Any graphics can be reproduced to achieve realistic print results.



Whether it's a floral print downloaded from the internet, a digital camera, a scanner scan, a good color separation, or a painter's hand-drawn pattern, you want to print any photo storage, film, CD or floppy disk. The content can be printed directly, and printing can be performed immediately, and the desired effect can be achieved. Even the most complex designs can be produced vividly and realistically. It displays tens of thousands of colors, computer storage data, no bias, high color fastness and environmental protection. The printed pattern has smooth surface, strong stereo effect, good washability, no cracking, no fading, accurate overprinting, clear writing lines, vivid picture, no printing, no change in fabric permeability. Spray dye on demand, no waste, unlimited quantity, small to single piece, mass production, one-time molding, no defect product, no waste gas, no inventory, instant production. We sincerely welcome you to prove and mass production. We guarantee high quality custom digital full print large logos automatically open the quality and effect of golf umbrella products.


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