Logo umbrella new design umbrella ladies umbrella

Logo umbrella new design umbrella ladies umbrella. Whether it is a handsome man in the sun or a beautiful and beautiful lady, the umbrella can be used as a decorative temperament and a symbol of high quality.

The habit of British gentlemen going out to carry long handle umbrellas has never been outdated. First, because the UK is always rainy, and the second is to prevent women from supporting them when they don't have an umbrella. Therefore, since the 19th century, the long-handled straight umbrella has become a symbol and symbol of taste, especially the straight umbrella with wooden handle.

What is incomprehensible is that some people will tailor a set of exquisite and high-end suits for themselves, but they will hold an empty umbrella with their cheesy and cheap temperament and their unbalanced umbrella. On the other hand, when I saw a well-dressed man holding a high-quality umbrella, I felt very refreshed.


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