Several common big size strong walking stick umbrella in London

Several common big size strong walking stick umbrella in London.In London, known as the famous "Fog Capital", there are such a group of interesting people. They are well-dressed and graceful, and both men and women are very styled. But you can't think of it, people like them who pay attention to image etiquette will quietly put your umbrella on the street when you are not paying attention. Don't think that they are stealing your umbrella to cover the rain, they are just to get a concave shape. So, if you look back and find that the umbrella is gone, don't worry, it will take a long time for a blonde gentleman/beauty to come over and return to the umbrella and say to you: "Your umbrella is so good, I have to Borrowed to the street shooting. "The following are some of the most common types of umbrellas on the streets of London:



One, transparent umbrella

As early as 1956, the father of the transparent umbrella, Arnold Fulton, designed the birdcage-shaped umbrella in a small factory in the East End of London. The shape and practicality of the high-quality Fulton transparent umbrella was accepted by the public.

Second, the solid color umbrella

Solid color is also one of the most common styles in umbrellas, and the classic is just the reason why it can be held in the hands of people. No matter which dress you are wearing today, choosing a solid color umbrella will not go wrong. You can choose a pure black umbrella for a steady route. It is suitable for leather items and long coats. It is cool and stylish and not deceptive.

Three, striped umbrella

Rainy days support the striped umbrella is also very suitable, with the fresh wind stripes can instantly cure your rainy day syndrome. The simple and clean lines are full of three-dimensional, even if you don't have too many modifications on the dress, you can look fashionable and multiply.

Fourth, the flower umbrella

If you want to reveal your girl's heart and little playfulness, you can show your personality with a flower umbrella. The colorful pattern not only brings you a good mood during the rainy season, but also becomes a great artifact to attract attention. If you want to keep your energy and charm at all times, the flower umbrella is the old driver in this area. The large-scale flower case is suitable for cute girls, plus a set of equally bright dresses, which makes people feel cute.

To what extent can Londoners love their umbrellas? In their hearts, umbrellas are as important as clothing, and this traditional rain-proof tool has long been one of the most beautiful sights on the streets of London.


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