What fabrics have a sunscreen effect?

What fabrics have a sunscreen effect?

1, silver plastic coated fabric

Silver tape fabric not only has good UV protection, but also is relatively inexpensive. When using, pay attention to the silver glue coating, do not rain, rain will damage the coating of the umbrella, reduce the sunscreen effect. With a long umbrella, the silver coating will age and blacken. Sometimes you can find a mark on the coating. This is because the dry coating shrinks and you need to replace it with a new umbrella to ensure the sunscreen effect.

2, two new fabrics

TC yarn-dyed fabric is a new type of fabric that can be washed without affecting the sunscreen effect. The light transmittance is not high, and the ultraviolet rays of wavelengths of 380, 300, and 220 nm can be completely blocked. UV-250-400 nm band is most likely to cause sunburn and dryness of human skin and hair. There is also a laser blasting fabric which is woven by a high-density process. The surface of the fabric is pressed with a lot of refractive particles, and each small point changes color with the rotation of the light position, which acts as a scattering effect on ultraviolet rays. These two fabrics have the best UV protection, but they are more expensive.

3, three fashion fabrics

Fat and thin silk, looks like lace, ultra-light and very beautiful, but this fabric has a high light transmittance, and the sunscreen effect is not good. Satin cloth is a satin fabric that belongs to polyester and has a UV-resistant effect that is weaker than a silver-coated fabric. There is also a fabric called pearl tape on the market, which has a certain reflection effect on ultraviolet rays, and the sunscreen effect is also worse than that of silver-coated fabric.

When buying a parasol, be sure to choose a branded product. Generally, regular manufacturers will use brand logos in many places, such as umbrella joints. In addition, rainwater will corrode UV-resistant coatings. It is best to separate the umbrellas from the umbrellas. If the umbrella surface is dirty, rinse it with clean water or gently rub it with your hands, otherwise it will affect the effect.

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