Why folding umbrellas are more convenient than long ones, while Japanese prefer long ones

Why folding umbrellas are more convenient than long ones, while Japanese prefer long ones.Now for some coastal areas, especially in the rainy season longer urban residential friends, umbrella is a very important one must carry the props, and all kinds of folding umbrella, in a wide range of designs now has played a great help to our life, at ordinary times as long as you put it in a plastic bag in bag, such as to and from work or home when school umbrella can be used, we find that neighbor countries and Japan streets rarely use this kind of folding umbrella, most people are using long-handled umbrella, this umbrella can't easily at ordinary times in the backpack, away is very troublesome,Why long handle umbrella?

Believes that many friends have found that the country it is more than an island of the typhoon and heavy rain, as a result of the folding umbrella umbrella tend to be relatively weak, so it is difficult to maintain in the typhoon comes it's original shape, has often been the wind blow to deformation or fracture, so have to use the umbrella surface is larger umbrella, it there is a strong umbrella, umbrella can satisfy people's needs, and long umbrella is having this kind of condition, and a long umbrella in addition to do an umbrella, can also be used as a staff at ordinary times, for some ability to walk is not very convenient for the elderly, it is very comfortable.

The second reason is that there are umbrella racks at the doors of various stores and malls. These umbrella racks can only store these long-handled umbrellas. If they are folded umbrellas, they are easily lost or damaged.The other thing is that Japan is a country that CARES a lot about keeping its streets clean, so if you get on a bus or do some other public facilities, if you take a folding umbrella, then the rain must be everywhere with a long handle umbrella, you won't have this kind of concern.

In addition, due to the large number of people using long-handled umbrellas in China, the production and manufacturing costs of long-handled umbrellas are relatively low. Generally speaking, ordinary long-handled umbrellas can be bought for only 200 yen.It is less than 20 yuan, so many people like this kind of long-handled umbrella. They will take one wherever they go when they go out.

In different parts of the people in the use of the umbrella, the types of demand is also different, so we in the budget of choose and buy when also try to choose and buy yourself some more practical, and not too expensive umbrellas at the same time, it is broken or lost also won't special love dearly, but the key moment again come in handy.


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